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Project location :Salah AL-Din Governorate

Client :The Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO)

Contract Value (US$) :(US$):

Contract Duration: 300 Days

Contract Start Date:2020-01-09

Contract Completion2021-06-14


Scope of work:

AL KHATAB AL MUTAHIDA Co. had been contracted with (The Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO)) to complete a project rehabilitation of Baiji Road - SHIRQAT JUNCTION (ONE LANE) / Salah Al-Din Governorate according to according to the contract requirements and BoQ.

The contract contains the following activities:

1- Removing all earthy dirt, debris and unsuitable materials from the carriageway and shoulders from the site.

2- Asphalt removing: Milling, removal and disposal of an average thickness of (6 cm) from the existing damaged asphalt layers (damages including light rutting, bleeding, corrugation and deep rutting) to a level at which all distresses are removed and removing the debris from the site.

3- Asphalt works: Supply of materials, tools and machineries for laying a layer of (Stabilizer coarse) with a total thickness of (10 cm) for milled areas with spray (Prime coat), Laying a layer of asphalt concrete wearing course (6 cm) thickness and spraying (Tack coat) with compacting including treatment of all distresses with hot asphalt and mixer sand.

4- Sub-Base Works: Supply materials & equipment for the construction of Stabilized Shoulders (granular material type B) (2.5 m) width for side of the road,  (1.5 m) width for inner and connecting it to the lateral inclination (4%) to drain the water after spreading and compacting.

5- Guardrail Works: Provide materials and equipment to construct and erect single guardrails including removing the damaged parts of existing guardrail and handing over to the Roads & Bridges directorate’s store.

6- Painting and furniture works: Paint the surface of the road with using hot thermoplastic road marking with the use of reflective granules, make continuous guide lines at the edge of the carriageway (width 20 cm), broken guide lines (width  15 cm) length (6  m) and erect warning and regulatory signs, guide signs and kilometer signs.

7- Maintenance of expansion joints: The expansion joints of the bridges on the main road have been repaired and the damaged ones have been replaced by good quality rubber with the same dimensions and measurements and from a European origin.

All requirements according to Iraqi roads and highways technical specification

Project Location: Salah AL-Din Governorate


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