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Health and Safety Environments

ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA Co. is strongly committed to the promotion of safe working practices on construction sites of civil engineering projects, in line with the best health and safety practices in oil and gas industries, to ensure quality of production with zero accidents.

Therefore, the company intends to meet these commitments by ensuring that safe working practices and procedures are adopted, which comply with requirements of the health and Safety legislations of all local and State laws, regulations, procedures along with International.

Main Target

Project’s Main Target is to have quality production with Zero Accidents. Fatality, Lost Time injury, Lost Time Accident Frequency and Environmental Accidents = Zero.

Employees Responsibilities

  1. Compliance with the HSE plan is mandatory for all employees on the project.
  2. Each employee has a duty to carry out their activities in accordance with their job description and the approved HSE plans and procedures. Each employee shall co- operate fully with management personnel in the successful Implementation of the HSEMS.
  3. Employees are responsible for:
    • Performing every job safely for the benefit of themselves. Coworkers and contractors, and the protection of facilities. This includes the use of required PPE and safety equipment/devices, as well as safe work practices.
    • Immediately reporting every job-related injury or Illness, regardless of severity, to a Supervisor.
    • Actively participating in safety and toolbox meetings and training.

Assisting in reporting and investigating incidents, injuries and near misses, as directed by their Supervisor

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