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ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA COMPANY for General Contracting ltd.

Is a prominent, deep-rooted, dynamic, and reliable Iraqi company that operates in different fields: such as the design and execution of infrastructure , medical, educational, water, wastewater, Paving Roads, Electricity, Mechanics, pipeline, oil and gas facilities, also involved in Trading, supplying, renting equipment, cars and tools, market resource, in addition to survey and soil investing.

We offer general contracting, operations and maintenance contracting, and facilities management expertise including project and construction management services. Our team of professionals is dedicated in providing our clients with value added services, further associating our company’s identity with excellence.

ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA strictly adheres to a «Total Quality Management» system in the performance of our operations. This system ensures the efficient and effective processing of the policies and procedures that guide our operations. Our commitment to operational excellence ensures that we remain focused on our objective: Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Beyond the business of delivering customer satisfaction, ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA is a company with a strong sense of values. We care about our employees and our community. We build a close and supportive relationship with all staff members, fostering a positive work environment where each team member can reach their full potential. We support our community through our many charitable initiatives and donations. We are serious about our corporate citizenship and our commitment to our employees ‘well­ being by engaging.

Our History

From its establishment in 2004, Alkhatab Almutahida has successfully executed various construction projects throughout Iraq under the direct supervision of Dr. Ali Aljbouri, the Chairman of the company, and Saad Aljbouri, the CEO, and Hersh Rashed as company Branch Manager.




Sister Companies

ALKHATABALMUTAHIDA Group consists of the following Sister Companies:

  1. ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA for General Contracting.
    (126 English Village, Erbil - lraq)
  2. ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA for Mechanical and Electrical Works.
    (126 English Village, Erbil - lraq)
  3. ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA for Design and Engineering Consultations.
    (126 English Village, Erbi l - lraq)
  4. ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA for Asphalt Plant.
    (Al-Zwyia Asphalt Plan, Al-Zwyia-Baiji, Salahuddin - Iraq)
    (Al-Qayyarah Asphalt Plant, Al-Qayyarah, Nineveh - Iraq)
  5. ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA for concrete plant.
    (Dahaty Nowa, Baharka, Erbil - lraq)
  6. ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA for Trading & Renting Cars.
    (Sabah Noman,100 Street, in front of the Customs, Erbil - lraq) 

Our Vision

Ro hold a leading distinctive position in the fast growing national and regional markets in terms of performance and delivery.

We, at ALKHATAB ALMUTAHIDA welcome all international companies to join us and help us to play a major role in building a prosperous future for Iraq.

Our Mission

Developing profitable businesses, providing high-quality performance while respecting the assigned budget and schedule, and adhering to the best safety procedures and practices, in order to achieve the operational excellence for building a better future.

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AI-Zwyia-Baiji, Salahuddin - Iraq 126 English Village, Erbil - Iraq

neighborhood - Baghdad - Iraq

Al-Baradya zone - Basra - Iraq