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Project location :Tel Kaif district – Nineveh governorate

Client :The Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO)

Contract Value (US$) :(US$): 0

Contract Duration: 360 Days

Contract Start Date:2021-01-03

Contract Completion2022-04-20

AL KHATAB AL MUTAHIDA Co. had been contracted with (The Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO)) for the project of Reconstrucation of Badush Iron Bridge / Tel Kaif district / Nineveh governorate, which suffered from a terrorist attacks that destroyed (5) spans and damaged many of its parts. Our company executed the project according the contract requirements and the BoQ.
The contract contains the following activities:
1- Supply the divers, the hydraulic piers, the floaters and all the materials, tools, machineries and manpower for lifting and removing the debris of the old bridge and cleaning the site and the river section for (50 m) on both sides.
2- Precise measuring of the (spans) and the fixing levels for the new bridge.
3- Lifting and reconstructing of the destroyed pier for the right lane of the bridge and rehabilitation the opposite pier and supplying the metal tubes with the same diameter, thickness and specifications as the original ones. Supplying the rebar and casting the concrete (C30) and all the works of installing and welding and encapsulating the damaged pillar and painting the metal parts with rust resistant material and two coat from oil paint.
4- Removing the old metal (caps) of the (piers) and installing new caps with the same specification and removing the old Stiffeners and Brasers of the piers and reinstalling and welding new ones with the same specification.
5- Supply a full metal frame for the bridge type (Bailey Bridge) length (210 m ) width (5 m) load bearing (50 tons) 5 spans each one is (42 m) with a (1 m) wide sidewalk and with Rollers.
6- Removing the old asphalt and paving the bridge width (10 m) from each side and this process consisted of spreading a layer of (Base Course) thickness (15 cm) then a layer of (Binder course) thickness (10 cm) and a final (Wear course) thickness (5 cm) and spraying with (Prime Coat) on top of the (Base course) layer and spreading with (Tack coat) between the top two layers of asphalt.
7- Installing a Guardrail length (10 m) on each side of both the entrance and the exit of the bridge and on the sides.
8- Installing and testing galvanized Lighting columns this process includes installing lighting (250 watts) with a photocell and cables of proper sizes and good quality.


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