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Lease of Various Equipment with operator.

Project location :Different locations in Iraq

Client :Parsons infrastructure & Technology Group

Contract Value (US$) :(US$): 21,000,000.00

Contract Duration: Different Time of Completion

Contract Start Date:2005-01-20

Contract Completion2007-12-03

Scope of work:

The contract contains the following activities:

  1. Lease of Various Equipment with operator and the provision of Fuel.
  2. Supply and install Tents at Paladin.
  3. Prefabricated housing units, Support facilities included latrines and showers, office buildings, and dining facility.
  4. building the warehouses.
  5. Maintenance the roads and tracks, traffic lines marking applied with approved motorized equipment or truck- mounted units, including surface preparation
  6. Supply technicians performing a for surface sweep at a mobile site.
  7. Supply, install, test and commission diesel engine generators 15 Unit from 200 kva.
  8. Electrical Works, LED Lighting, Lighting Fixture, Emergency Lighting System, Fire Detection    & Alarm System: Install, tests and operate of Fire Detection and Alarm System consisting of hard-wired, multi-station smoke detectors, with building wide annunciation. Complete Fire Detection and Alarm System shall be provided, to include, fire alarm control panel.


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