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Emergency maintenance of the Culvert, bridg and the filling the excavated places , in the road of Talkif AlQush

Project location :Ninawa province – Talkif AlQush.

Client :Republic of Iraq – Ministry of Construction, Housing and public Municipalities Roads & Bridges Directorate of roads and bridges Nineveh

Contract Value (US$) :(US$):

Contract Duration: 90 Days

Contract Start Date:2018-11-16

Contract Completion2019-02-28

Scope of Work:

The contract contains the following activities

  1. filling the excavated places beneath the asphalt pavement with sub base six layer is not more than (20 cm) inclusive, watering, and compaction of each layers up to (95%) of MDD,the work According to Chapter (R2), (85) General Specifications Roads and Bridges
  2. Culvert, bridge,( The scope of work will include forms erection, steel rebar (Various type from ф4 to ф32 according to the different design) fabrication & binding, concrete mixing, transportation, site casting, as well as concrete curing.)
  3. sub base with Type B, value of CBR≥35%, backfilling and Compaction by layers with degree ≥95%.The according to chapter (A5) , A6, 68 R3) of the general specifications of roads and bridges and directions of the Supervisory Committee D (1 m)
  4. 10cm thick asphalt stabilizer macadam air void: 3~6%, prime coat medium-curing type cutback asphalt (MC-70).
  5. Road guidance sign, Guidance arrow, white color paint, Road mark line.
  6. paving of gravel (A) with a thickness of not less than 10 cm. (1 and 75 m) on each side of the road. The work according to Chapter (R6) General specifications of roads and bridges.


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